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Windows 8

(Note: my experience is based on the current release preview which may or may not change before the actual release). It’s that time again…a new version of Microsoft’s operating system is just months away…but this version is very different from any before it. Windows 8 has been redesigned for use not only on high powered    […]

Playstation Vita

When it comes to consoles I have always been a Sony fan boy, from the first Playstation to the PSP I have bought each console on or near their release date and have been amazed by each one in it’s own way. The Playstation Vita was a hard one, it is by far the most    […]

Cancelled Game Consoles

Over the last 30-40 years there have been hundreds of game consoles released, some that did well and some that did not….but what about the ones that never had a chance. There have been many game consoles cancelled mid development, pulled off the shelves weeks or months after release or announced and then never got    […]

The 1983 Videogame Crash

Did you know the Videogame industry almost collapsed into nothingness? The 1983 videogame crash was brought about by several combined factors and led to the second generation of consoles and games dying out and the market struggling for 2 years to get back on its feet, forcing many game companies into bankruptcy. The problem was    […]

New JPP Website

After weeks of work, the new JPP website is now complete….there were only a few bugs and one malfunctioning plugin in the end, which is not too bad at all. I am fairly happy with the result and it now allows me to do much more with the site…as well as being able to edit/add    […]

New iPhone, Same Design = New Case!?

Great…..the new iPhone 4S has the volume rocker a few mm lower than the iPhone 4….meaning I need a new case. Well played Apple…..well played. Photo from: Calling All Geeks

Farewell Steve Jobs

Today we have lost a true technology visionary. Steve Jobs has died at the age of 56. His products revolutionized the Music and Computer industry and he will be missed. Hopefully Apple can continue on without him. R.I.P Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

Bored Now

It has been a fun couple of months, but I am officially shutting down the Minecraft server, I enjoyed it thoroughly but have pretty much lost interest in building, although I will still play singleplayer as I have discovered IndustrialCraft=WIN!. It really was a great experience and I built some pretty cool stuff. I will    […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

I decided it was time for a new phone….don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone 4, but the user interface hasn’t changed in 3 years and it doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon and I just get a bit bored of it sometimes, so I went and bought a Sony Erricson    […]

Video Game Music Rip Offs

I was listening to my iPod the other day and a song came on called Mighty Wings by the band Cheap Trick…it took me a second to realise it but the song sounded exactly like Ken’s theme from street fighter. I have inserted a clip from each below: Ken’s theme from the SNES version of    […]